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Within this page we hope you will find some of the resources to help and support you, in developing the skills to deliver a great and exciting programme with a good standard of scouting.


As and when new information comes available they will be added to this page.



 New Leaders  Adult Personal File  Adult Information  Form  POR’s
 Registration Form  Module Application  Module Matrix  PLP
 The Yellow Card  Emergency Procedure Card  Reference Form  OH Form
 Changing Role Form  Members Rescources  Repeat CRB Form  Shaping the future
 We are only Leaders  The Art of Story Telling  Scouting  The Group Lease
 Scouting Balancing Act  Safety in Fundraising  Quiet,Instant, Rainy Day Games  Frequently Asked Questions
 Hints on Effective Programme  Planning  Scouters + Young People + Parents = Great Programme  What to do with problem young people  Are you Scaring away Volunteers
 The 16.5 Rumours of Scouting  Hike First Aid Kit  The Adult Traing Scheme  Ten Ways to say Thank You
 Knots and Their Uses  Parents Pack Leaders Guide  How Scouting Grew  Working With Parents
 Learning about Leadership  You might be a Super Scouter if  Planning an Event  Cooking Hints
 Foil Dinner Recipes  Avoiding ill Health on Camp  Links between sections  New Fundamentals of Scouting
 Scouting Fact Sheets  Induction Plan Checklist  Induction Plan  

Useful Websites  County Web Site  District Website  Adult Support Site
 Training Support Site  ScoutShop  Glasgow Scoutshop  One stop Scouting
 Scouting Rescrouces  E-Scouts  ScoutNet  Scouts TV
 Scouting Magazine  Scouting Images  World Scouting  Scouting History
 Resources for Learning      


 Beaver Tool Kit   Beavers   POR’s   Under 8’s Rule
 Activity Form  New Fundamentals of Scouting

 FS Reference Beaver Sleepover Time Length



 Cub Tool Kit  Cubs   1st Tidworth Clubbz Site   POR’s
 Activity Form  Welcome to 1st Tidworth  The Jungle Book Characters  Lord Baden Powell
 Robert Stephenson Smyth  What are Cub Scouts  Start Up Kit  Programmes to Go
 Appendix  Games  Programmes  Activities
 Blank Risk Assessment Form  Cub Badge Booklet  Under 8’s Rule  New Fundamentals of Scouting


 Scouts Tool Kit  Scouts   POR’s  
 Activity Form  New Fundamentals of Scouting