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These are the Scout badges and awards


There is a range of badges and awards available to young people in the Scout Section.

Activity badges

Many of the badges available are activity badges, which allow Scouts to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also to try all kinds of new things and form new interests.

Administrator Activity Badge    Advanced Aviation Skills Activity Badge    Advanced Nautical Skills Activity Badge    Aeronautics Activity Badge    Air Researcher Activity Badge    Air Spotter Activity Badge    Angler Activity Badge

Challenge awards

Gaining a challenge badge involves accomplishing a number of more ambitious tasks within the Troop or community. There are several challenge badges across a number of themes, from the physical and outdoorsy to challenges dealing with the local community or issues connected with the Scouting world.

Chief Scout's Gold Award   Creative Challenge    Adventure Challenge    Expedition Challenge    Fitness Challenge    Global Challenge    Outdoor Challenge    Outdoor Plus Challenge    Promise Challenge   Community Challenge

Core badges

In addition, there are a number of core badges, obtained upon joining or moving on from the Troop, or for time spent in the Scouting movement.

 Membership Award     Moving-on Award (Scout Troop to Explorer Scout Unit)   Participation Awards

Activity packs

Some activity badges are sponsored by outside companies, and these companies often provide extra exciting resource packs to help Scouts towards gaining their badges.