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Here you will find how to tie different types of knot just click on the name of the knot

Anchor Bend A good knot for tying an anchor to a rope.Backup KnotAdd security to a primary knot.
Better Bow KnotA more secure shoelace knot.Blake’s HitchArborist ascending/descending knot.
BowlineForms a secure loop.Bowline On A BightForms a loop in the middle of a line.
Buntline HitchTie items to the end of a rope.Butterfly KnotForm a secure loop in the middle of a rope.
Carrick BendJoin heavy ropes together.Cleat Hitch Use to tie a rope to a cleat on a boat or dock.
Clove HitchA simple knot to tie a rope to a post.Cow HitchTie a rope to a post or object.
Constrictor KnotTie up bundles of items.Double Fisherman’sJoin two ropes.
Figure EightThe strongest knot for a loop at the end of a rope.Girth HitchAttach a strap loop to an object.
Half HitchBasic overhand knot.Heaving Line KnotAdds weight to the end of a rope.
Honda KnotThe lasso knot.Klemheist KnotClimber’s movable loop knot
Mooring HitchQuick release knot.Munter HitchClimbing belay knot.
Pile HitchAttach a rope to an object.Prusik KnotSecures a movable loop to another line.
Rolling BendSecure a line to a post.Rolling HitchSecure a line to a post.
Running BowlineA slip knot.Sheep ShankUse to shorted a rope.
Sheet BendJoin ropes of unequal size.Slip KnotAnother knot for a sliding loop.
Slipped BuntlineA quick release knot.Stopper KnotA stopper knot for the end of a rope.
Square KnotSecure non critical items.Tautline HitchAn adjustable knot.
Timber HitchSecure a rope around a post.Trucker’s HitchLoad securing knot.
Valdotain TresseArborist ascending/descending knot.Water KnotBest knot for webbing.
Yosemite BowlineA very secure loop knot.