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Ongoing Safety Training

11 February 2017

Ongoing Safety Training – FAQs


1. What is changing and why?

We believe that the key to successfully improving safety in Scouting lies in enhancing the culture of safety within our Movement. Over the next 12 months we will be introducing an ongoing training requirement for safety to sit alongside the ongoing training requirement for safeguarding. This is part of a package of work being delivered around safety, including updates to modules and the development of new supporting resources. More information about all of these changes will be made available as soon as they are confirmed.

2. Which appointments does this rule apply to?

This applies to those people required to complete ongoing safeguarding training (all those subject to an appointment review). Essentially, this means anyone who holds an appointment except for Scout Active Support Members and Executive Committee Members. The change also does not apply to Occasional Helpers, who are not required to undertake any training. More information about Occasional Helpers can be found here

3. How often will adults need to complete safety training?

Scouting specific safety training will need to be completed at least every five years, to be monitored at the point of review.

4. Who will be responsible for ensuring that adults have completed the training?

Just as they would for First Response, for safeguarding training or for an up-to-date Disclosure check, the appointee’s Line Manager will need to check that those they review have completed the training within the last five years. The Appointment Review Form will be amended to reflect this.

5. Who is responsible for ensuring that training is available?

Counties /Areas /Regions (Scotland) are responsible for ensuring that the provision of this training meets local needs.

6. What format will the training take?

The training will be available as a course, as a small group session or as e-learning (accessed at

7. Is this joined up with the mandatory ongoing safeguarding training?

Yes, the process is joined up in the following ways:  Anyone who is required to complete ongoing safeguarding training is also required to complete ongoing safety training.  The e-learning will follow the same format as the safeguarding e-learning and be available on the same webpage.